MagGrow Videos

Videos that explain the MagGrow and how this technology is helping growers around the world save money, reduce drift and get better coverage.

Pre-Season Burn Down | Field Trial

After burndown this spring I was blown away with the results I got and seeing how much of a difference it made.

Andrew Kennedy | Field Talk

Australian contract sprayer greatly reduced drift, increased coverage and increased the productivity of spraying practices.

John Seely | Real Results

Mississippi Cotton Grower Cuts Rate by 25% and Increased Yield by 316 lbs/Acre.

Jerry Brightbill Series Title

Jerry Brightbill | Field Talk

West Texas Cotton Grower Cuts Rate by 50% and gets Superior Coverage, Less Drift and Same Yield.

Fate Sparrow Series Title

Fate Sparrow | Field Talk

Learn How MagGrow Helped a Georgia Cotton Farmer Eliminate a Sprayer, Cover More Acres and Get Better Coverage.

John Seely Field Talk Title

John Seely | Field Talk

Mississippi Cotton Farmer Adds a MagGrow System to Compare Using Less Chemical, Water & Coverage.

After the Harvest | Chad Swindoll, Brian Smith & John Seely

Sit in with Chad Swindoll, Brian Smith and John Seely as they discuss the MagGrow system, side-by-side trial and incredible results.

Brian Smith | Dealer Talk

MagGrow dealer and Vantage South owner Brian Smith of Clarksdale, Mississippi, addresses one of the biggest costs on the farm: the spraying application.

Steve Parks Series Title

Steve Parks | Field Talk

Tennessee Corn & Soybean Farmer Sees Superior Coverage, Canopy Penetration and Less Drift Using MagGrow.

Brian Kelley | Dealer Talk

Brian Kelley, owner of Vantage Southeast and Ag Technologies, discusses his excitement about the MagGrow system and how it can help change the science of spray application.