Videos that explain the MagGrow and how this technology is helping growers around the world save money, reduce drift and get better coverage.

Field Talk

MagrowTec Trailer

Meet MagrowTec’s magnetic assist technology


MagGrow + AirTec

AirTec + MagGrow – The True High Pressure Sprayer Best In Class Solution

Field Talk

Howard Bye | Field Talk

Canadian farmer Howard Bye finds 40% greater spray coverage vs Conventional

Field Talk

Jerome Durand | Field Talk

French farmer Jerome Durand reduces drift 50% using MagGrow

Corporate Overview

MagGrow Corporate Video

MagGrow Corporate Video

Dealer Talk

Pavel Milata | Dealer Talk

Dealer in Czech Republic talks about the benefits of the MagGrow system.

Andrew Kennedy Thumbnail

Andrew Kennedy | Field Talk

Australian contract sprayer greatly reduced drift, increased coverage and increased the productivity of spraying practices.

John Seely | Real Results

Mississippi Cotton Grower Cuts Rate by 25% and Increased Yield by 316 lbs/Acre.

Pre-Season Burn Down | Field Trial

After burndown this spring I was blown away with the results I got and seeing how much of a difference it made.

Jerry Brightbill Series Title

Jerry Brightbill | Field Talk

West Texas Cotton Grower Cuts Rate by 50% and gets Superior Coverage, Less Drift and Same Yield.

Fate Sparrow Series Title

Fate Sparrow | Field Talk

Learn How MagGrow Helped a Georgia Cotton Farmer Eliminate a Sprayer, Cover More Acres and Get Better Coverage.

John Seely Field Talk Title

John Seely | Field Talk

Mississippi Cotton Farmer Adds a MagGrow System to Compare Using Less Chemical, Water & Coverage.

After the Harvest | Chad Swindoll, Brian Smith & John Seely

Sit in with Chad Swindoll, Brian Smith and John Seely as they discuss the MagGrow system, side-by-side trial and incredible results.

Brian Smith | Dealer Talk

MagGrow dealer and Vantage South owner Brian Smith of Clarksdale, Mississippi, addresses one of the biggest costs on the farm: the spraying application.

Steve Parks Series Title

Steve Parks | Field Talk

Tennessee Corn & Soybean Farmer Sees Superior Coverage, Canopy Penetration and Less Drift Using MagGrow.

Brian Kelley | Dealer Talk

Brian Kelley, owner of Vantage Southeast and Ag Technologies, discusses his excitement about the MagGrow system and how it can help change the science of spray application.